This site outlines what I offer professionally and peeks into who I am personally, and creatively. It is a blend of my professional background, my transpersonal education, and a few reflections based on my life experiences. I hope you take the time to peruse it to decide if I can be of service to you. 

I have been in the business of training, counseling, and coaching others to achieve their fitness goals for over 30 years; first, as an Army Warrant Officer … now as a Holistic Fitness Coach. I value living in harmony with self, with those around me, and with nature. I also value helping others to do the same.

As a fitness professional, I know that physical fitness alone does not address the whole person fitness concept that I live by. We are multi-level beings. As such, we must address and incorporate each level of our being ... mind, body, spirit, and nature.  I believe the human mind manifests an intrinsic drive towards wholeness as part of our biological heritage, and by harmoniously integrating these  levels,  we move towards  a more balanced life.  Not only will this integration heal us, it will also help  heal the planet.