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Holistic Fitness Coaching

Any type of lasting and effective fitness program must address the "whole" person. Emphasis is placed not only on the mind-body-spirit connections but,  on the environmental components as well. Those seeking an effective level of balance must bring awareness to their relationships with "self," with others and with their environment. A lifestyle is holistic when its spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and environmental components are harmonious.

Here are some tips on how you can live a more holistic lifestyle:

  • For spiritual growth - Take time daily to connect with and to develop   your divinity within.  Spend time in nature.
  • For emotional stability - Learn to "be" with your emotions without always reacting to them. Don't become a slave to your emotions and situations.
  • For peace of mind - Sit in daily meditation. Learn how to disengage the thinking process.
  • For physical well-being - Enjoy a nutritious diet, regular exercise, plenty of rest, and other wellness regimens.
  • For a wholesome, supportive environment - Include quietness,  cleanliness, comfort, and security. Again, spend time in nature.

As Your Coach


I will help you gain clarity and purpose in identifying and developing attainable goals, identifying obstacles, and creating strategies to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Coaching topics include:

  • How to create and maintain a holistic lifestyle
  • How to enhance your mind, body and spirit connections
  • How to become more aware of your natural surroundings
  • How to implement and integrate visualization skills to achieve goals
  • How to apply the small-steps approach to successful behavioral changes
  • How to implement time and stress management skills that lead to greater efficiency and productivity
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