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Transpersonal Psychology

The question I often get is "what is transpersonal psychology?" For those who have asked, transpersonal psychology is the first psychology that recognizes the need for psychological development to be integrated with spiritual growth.

"Transpersonal psychology is the broadest possible psychology. One that encompasses the personal and the universal dimensions of life-body, heart, mind and spirit, human and non-human, interbeing and ecological-a psychology open to our sacred place in the cosmos" (Kornfield, p. 150).


"While focusing on the interface of psychology and spirituality, transpersonal psychology strives to understand and nurture the wholeness of human nature; body, instincts, heart, mind, and consciousness and explores ancient and modern practical tools that foster an integrative spiritual life that is fully embodied, socially engaged, and ecologically sensitive" (Ferrer, p. 147).


Contemporary Viewpoints on Transpersonal Psychology  The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2003, Vol. 35, No. 2

Transpersonal Leaders

Transpersonal leaders recognize higher ways of accessing human potential and seek to develop and balance the physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, and creative aspects of each individual. They understand and use the full spectrum of human consciousness for maximum effectiveness.

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